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django-inviter allows you to invite users to your Django application. Invited users are saved as inactive users in your database and activated upon registration.


pip install django-inviter


Add inviter and django.contrib.sites to your INSTALLED_APPS


Include inviter.urls into your root urls.py file under the inviter namespace

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url('^invites/', include('inviter.urls', namespace = 'inviter'))


To invite people make use of inviter.utils.invite

from inviter.utils import invite

invite("foo@example.com", request.user, current_time = datetime.now())

inviter.utils.invite also allows you to make use of a custom email sending function, say to send HTML emails

from inviter.utils import invite

def sendhtml(invitee, inviter, **kwargs):
    # Load templates, send the email here

invite("foo@example.com", request.user, sendfn=sendhtml)

A useful application of this is keeping track of who invites whom:

from inviter import utils
from app.models import Invites

def send(invitee, inviter, **kwargs):
    Invites.objects.get_or_create(invitee = invitee, inviter = inviter)
    utils.send_invite(invitee, inviter, **kwargs)

utils.invite("foo@example.com", request.user, sendfn=send)

Consult inviter.utils.invite and inviter.utils.send_invite for more information.

By default inviter.utils.send_invite will render inviter/email/subject.txt and inviter/email/body.txt for the email.

/inviter/register.html and inviter/done.html are rendered when registering respectively when done.

If you need a post registration hook, override the registration form with the settings below.


There are a couple of editable settings

Default :inviter.forms.RegistrationForm
Type :str

The form to be used when an invited user signs up.

Default :'inviter:done'
Type :str

The URL to redirect the user to when the signup completes. This is either a URL to reverse via reverse(INVITER_REDIRECT) or a simple string. Reversing the URL is tried before using the string.

Default :'inviter.tokens.generator'
Type :str

The generator used to create a token which is used to assemble an invite URL

Default :settings.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL

The email address used to send invites from

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